Have a look at the upcoming projects we have in store~!

Desert Queens

One of the upcoming projects that we are busy working on is introducing the Desert Queens story, which features the characters seen below. This is a preview of some of the characters and design work that is going into the project.

We plan to have a webcomic up at some point. Very exciting times! We have been mulling around with this universe we've created for nearly a decade and we're finally going to be able to showcase it formally. Please look forward to it!



Super Galaxy Princess Alliance

The SUPER GAALXY PRINCESS ALLIANCE is a group that was started on Deviant Art for fun so that peopel could creat original characters and fan characters as super heroes and villains and have them interact with each other! The main inspiration for the group was the Young Justice animated series. With over a hundred members after a year, the SGPA group is a pretty fun place to be.

Anyone can join in on the fun! All you have to do is be part of the Deviant Art community, have some creativity, and you can hero around with the best of them! We're constantly collaborating, expanding, and changing things up as we go along, so feel free to join into the fray! Click on the links below to find out more about the SGPA.

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SGPA Wiki:  

SGPA Twitter: